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Should I bring my dog to the vet?

She had diarrhea this morning but seemed fine and ate her breakfast as usual but now she's just laying around and sleeping, a few times she has rolled onto her back then just lays there and stares at me or she'll rub her eyes (which do look a little irritated) and all over her face with her paws?

I can't really do much until my mom gets home from work- But I did text her and tell her I think somethings wrong with our dog so hopefully I'll get a reply on her break.

Should we bring her into the vet? (She was just there 3 weeks ago and was in perfect condition) but bringing her in again is no problem.

Could it just be a little stomach bug or what?


She's a 3 year old Beagle, if that matters.

Update 2:

That was really bad trolling...try again :P

Update 3:

Thanks guys!

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    Frozen poo is not the answer. For stool samples to be test-able, they need to be delivered to the vet within 30 minutes of dog eliminating. At least that is what my vet has told me.

    If this is her first episode, just see how things go for today. If still the same tomorrow, move dog to an easily digested diet after withholding food for 12 hours. That is boiled white rice, boiled white meat chicken (skin and bone removed) (do not use any spices including salt). Chop chicken, add rice and some broth to equal almost what the dog gets at each meal in kibble.

    Just for now, call your vet and discuss this with them. Make sure this is agreeable with your vwet.

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    Dogs do occasionally get diarrhea - usually because they`ve eaten something they shouldn`t and its nothing to worry about, provided it clears up. But if your dog`s lethargic, has irritated eyes, she needs the vet if it continues.

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    save its poop then freeze it. if it turns purple the dog has a very bad arthritis condition. im sorry for your loss.

    Source(s): happened to me twice
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