To which continent do kazakhstan,turkey,israel,azerbaijan,armenia and georgia belong to?

As i saw these countries geographically belong to asia and why all these belong to europe in football and why kazakhstan play football for europe and take part in asian games

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    Technically (geographically) both Turkey & Kazakhstan are Asian; with about 10% of Kazakhstan & 5% of Turkey being in Europe. The (highest) crest line of Great Caucasus mountain range is taken as geographical boundary between the two artificially created continents - Asia & Europe. Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan formerly known as Trans-Caucasian Republics are in Asia, while Russia is in Europe (it implies its autonomous republic s too - Chechnya, North Ossetia, Daghestan etc).

    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was Union of 15 republics of which RSFSR (Russia) is ¾ ͭ ͪ in area spread over half of Europe (quarter of Russia) & a quarter of Asia (¾ of Russia). Except Kazakhstan) all other republics - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova are in Europe. Stalin's country Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan are in Asia & no geographical ambiguity exists about them. If you look at any standard Atlas you would know what all I wrote here.

    I care two hoots to what people think whether Kyrgyzstan is in Europe or Moldova is in Asia because some people (or people there) think so; as these things are not known or shown in an Atlas.

    Russia, the largest country (a little less than twice of each of the next bunch - Canada, China, USA, Brazil & Australia) has many autonomous republics in its territory of which Tatarstan is in Europe though most (including me) consider Tartars Asians. All ethnic Russians are of (racial) European stock & are in large numbers in Asia too, along the trans-Siberian railway route. Like Tartars all Asiatic Russians are of Asian stock. All in Russia (those afflicted by the same European (mental) disease that makes the Turkish call themselves 'European') call themselves 'European'. But that extends Europe to the Sea of Japan, just 100 miles from the shores of Japan.

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    Kazakhstan Continent

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    Geographically, Turkey, Kazakhtan and Georgia are in both Europe and Asia (though in each case the largest part of the country in is Asia). The others are in Asia.

    In football, the former Soviet Republics have inherited the "European" status of the old USSR, Turkey prefers to consider itself part of Europe, and Israel plays in the European competitions because so many of its Asian neighbours would refuse to play against it.

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    GEORGIA IS BOTH IN EUROPE AND ASIA Georgia is a transcontinental country because part of Georgia is in Asia and part Europe. Though the UNITED NATIONS classifies it as being in ASIA because the late larger part is in Asia.. Though the country is frequently considered as part of Eastern Europe for cultural and historical as well as political reasons

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  • 7 years ago

    Kazakhstan - Asia

    Turkey - Mainly Asia, but has a European land as well

    Israel - Asia, I guess

    Georgia - Asia

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