What happened to this generation?

What happened to the teenage people? they smoke weed, drink, have sex and be like it's YOLO and SWAG?

Relationships these days doesn't even last long!!

13 years old girls be complaining about life, 13 years old boys do drugs and have sex and they think its cool..

Relationships these days are based on sex??

Girls be like all the guys are the same, some of them wear sluttish clothing and when people flirt they complain about it? what kind of logic is that?

R.I.P Self Respect!

The duck face.. Wearing Yoga pants.. Taking a picture with the middle finger on??

Wearing makeup more than clothes?

Seriously what happened?

That's not how to enjoy your life!!

They be like "Young, Wild And Free"

15 years old pregnant girls..

This is bullshit!

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  • 6 years ago
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    There is only a small percentage of the teenage population doing this. It's bullshit when you complain about it and act like the whole generation is screwed up. I think your worse than all those kids

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