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japanese sword fighting manila?

just any japanese sword fighting class other than kendo

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    Non-kendo japanese sword arts generally fall under these broad categories:


    -iaido or iaijutsu*

    -battodo or battojutsu*

    * iai- and batto- styles are essentially the same as they include core curriculum relating to how to draw and cut with a sword. Iaido is most commonly used, though often times the decision to call an art one thing versus another is purely the preference of the school/style.

    These are not as widespread as kendo, and generally schools can only be found near major metropolitan areas. While many styles of swordsmanship fall under these broad categories, their techniques, strategy, etc. can vary significantly from one style to another. I mention this because one iai style can look completely different than another, so if you have multiple options then I would encourage you to check each of them out to see what interests you.

    Some common Japanese sword arts outside of Japan are:

    Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (Iaido)

    Muso Shinden Ryu (Iaido)

    Nakamura Ryu (Battodo)

    Toyama Ryu (Battodo)

    Mugai Ryu (Iaido)

    Source(s): Instructor | Ishiyama-ryu Battojutsu |
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