I'm an 11th grade who wants to become a Vet?

Hello, Ive wanted to because a veternarian for quite some time now and I live in florida and i want to get into The University of Florida, but i don't know if I have the grades or qualify for it and i had some questions about other colleges that offer anything with veternary medicine. I'm nothing special but ive been in a club every year i was in highschool. Freshmen year: I was in the BPA club and i was treasurer and I also attended many meetings, 10th grade i was president of my art club, and i'm in 11th grade in FFEA as a mentor. My gpa is 2.7 but at the end of this year it should be a 3.0 because i have been getting straight A's and B's and i calculated it and if i keep up getting A's and B's ill have a 3.4 GPA by the time i graduate for senior years. I'm in the proccess of getting 100+ service hours by doing a lot of religious work at my church helping the homeless and doing anything that needs to be done. I also can obtain a few illuminis recomendations.

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    I think you may mean "alumni". ;)

    To become a vet, you need to go to vet school. To get into vet school, you must first get your bachelors degree at a college. U Florida is fine, but any of the public unis in your state would also be fine. The key is to do very, very well in college. Vet schools will only look at your college grades. Vet schools don't care what you did in high school - although of course, how you do in HS will be important when you apply to colleges.

    You can attend any decent college, for your bachelors degree. The college does not need to have a vet school attached to it. And you can major in anything you'd like, so long as you take the vet school pre-requisite classes and do certain specific volunteer work in college. Your college will have a pre-health/pre-med/pre-vet advisor on campus, who can help you pick classes and figure all this out.

    A lot of people who want to become vets do major in things related to animals, such as animal science. But again, you don't have to. You can major in anything you'd like. But the key is, you have to have very, very high grades to get into vet school, so major in something you really like and can do well in.

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  • Edward
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    To be a vet you first have to earn a 4 year degree (bachelor). You do have to keep your grades up. Towards the end of your time at university, you apply to a school of veterinary medicine.

    The undergraduate school you go to won't really matter much unless it has a veterinary medicine school associated with it. Going to that university may increase your chances of being accepted.

    Make sure you add some volunteer time at an animal clinic or shelter to your volunteer experiences list while you are an undergrad. Working in a vet's office is a great idea too.

    Look over the website below and learn all you can about the process of becoming a veterinarian.

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  • drip
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    You are going to need a four year Bachelor degree first. and you do not attend the same school for both undergrad and graduate school.

    So go somewhere you like, and get a good tuition for your undergrad degree.

    You are going to need stellar grades for Vet school. There are only 28 Vet schools in the US and they are highly competitive. and extremely hard to get into.

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