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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 8 years ago

[USMC] MCIs vs MarineNet? (Easy 10pts)?

This is probably a dumb question but what the heck...

When calculating composite scores, are MCIs calculated separately from MarineNet courses? Or are they treated as one thing?

Say you need 7 MCIs to max out your 100pts for Education in your Composite Score.

If I do 3 MarineNet courses and 4 MCI ( MCIs) would it still equal to 100pts?

Or does it have to be 7 of one kind or the other?

Another thing, in the past my MCIs have taken literally two or three days for them to at least be updated to the MCI site after I turned in my test. Right now I'm unable to take any more MCIs because I turned in some and they haven't been processed apparently. Meaning I'm literally locked out of doing any new MCIs even if I wanted to do them.

Is there a way to get this processed quickly?

[None of my NCOs can give me a straight answer here. (They don't know what to say and just revert to the typical "It could take months..." excuse.)

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  • Marine
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    8 years ago
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    Hello Marine. Suggest you visit your training SNCO regarding the hangup in the system related to grading delay. He/she should have the phone number to the Marine Corps University, MCI branch, to find out what is happening. There is a set time for MCI to grade and return the results. The training SNCO won't be able to speed it up.

    What you describe is a problem with the MCI system that has been around for a few decades. HQMC found that many Marines took out MCIs and did not complete them. They decided that the best way to solve the problem was to limit the number of MCIs that can be taken out. At one time it was no more than 3 MCIs at once. Not sure what it is today.

    Re: MCI and MarineNet courses - I'm not sure, but if I recall correctly, the MarineNet courses get a few more points than MCI. It has been a long time since I was involved with these. Go to your S-1 shop. One of the NCOs there should know since they are involved with submitting cutting score info to HQMC. If they don't know and there is an Education Office on your base, visit them. Between the two, you will get an accurate answer.

    It shows great initiative on your part. Keep up taking courses. When I was enlisted, I took a bunch. In those days, cutting scores were 3 digits and MCIs were 1 point each. Seems like the max was 5 MCIs then. College courses also counted but it was difficult to get time to take a college course. I took about 30 MCIs after I was commissioned, mostly to determine which were good for my troops. I assigned my Marines certain MCIs that I required to complete each year. It forced them to spend time on important Marine Corps info that helped in their MOS and if we were to deploy to combat. Most of my Marines had the maximum MCIs for their cutting score to Cpl and Sgt - they discovered it helped (as you already know).

    Semper Fi

    Lieutenant Colonel, U S Marine Corps-Retired

  • tawney
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    4 years ago

    Mcis Usmc

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Usmc Marine Net

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