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我想去的地方 (個人短講 2.5 分鐘)

唔該! 想要一段關於 我想去的地方 既個人短講,500字左右,2.5分鐘。希望擱下能夠認真幫忙,擱下所作既講稿,本人只會參考,不會抄錄,希望多多指教! 只要合理、夠字,必以20點作回報,謝了!

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    Po Lin Monastery ( 寶 蓮 寺 ) is found in the beautiful plateau of Ngong Ping ( 昂平 ) on Lantau Island. Nestled between the hills, this grand monastery was founded in 1927 and is a major center of Buddhism in the region. The main temple houses 3 bronze statues of the Buddha representing his past, present and future lives as well as many Buddhist scriptures. The highlight of Po Lin Monastery however, is the Tian Tan Buddha ( 天 壇 大 佛 ), otherwise known as the Giant Buddha ( 大 佛 ), who is seated on the hilltop, up a flight of 268 steps. The 34 meter (112ft), 250 ton sculpture is the world's largest seated outdoor bronze statue of the Buddha. The statue was opened to the public in December 1993 after 10 years of construction. The views of the surrounding countryside from the base of the statue are simply stunning and there are also small exhibition galleries for view inside the statue.


    The Peak Tower ( 凌 霄 閣 ) was completed in November 1996. It has a distinctive outline resembling a Chinese bowl. It is a multi-purpose, seven-level development with some 120,000 square feet of floor space including various entertainment attractions, restaurants and viewing terraces. The mix of shops in the complex provides a wide range of products for overseas tourists and local people. The tower is built on the site of the original Peak Tower ( 凌 峰 閣 ), which was completed in 1972.

    At the Peak Tower visitors can enjoy the breath-taking panoramic view of Hong Kong, the harbour and the skyline on Kowloon side. The Peak Tower is a state-of-the-art contemporary building that exemplifies Hong Kong's confident stride into the future.

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    First of all, you don't need a whole script for your presentation. If you have it, you maybe always read your script and don't have enough eye contact with your audience.

    Sec, about the content.

    You may use the simplest way to open : Today I would like to share ________.

    A few points should be mentioned: -where - why do you choose(memories?/friends?/family?/Internet?) -the characteristics of that place(like the culture,people,environment etc.)

    You may also recommend it to your audience.

    Finally, make a conclusion and end it.

    Remember to have enough eye contact and speak louder.

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