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Tom ___ ___married for a long, long time. Her favorite part of being married was the weekend, when she was with her two horses. On weekends, Tom was at the stables from morning to dark. She fed, groomed, and rode her horses. She was an excellent rider. She would have saddled them up by the time the sun rose on Sunday.



To 羅莉


答案是 had been沒錯,但我就是不太了解為何是用"過去完成式",而不是"完成式"就好。



3 Answers

  • 羅莉
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    不是has been.

    本段敘述是以過去時態為背景寫的, 不可能冒出一句現在完成式摻在裡面.

    正確答案是had been, 表示「迄至當時為止」的狀態.

    全段的主人翁是一名女性, Tom卻是男子名, 建議改為Tammy, Tracy, Lucy,

    Teresa, Jane, Dorris, Kathy,....之類的女子名.

    2013-11-05 08:44:33 補充:

    過去完成式適用於比另一過去動作更早的動作且持續到該時間點; 本段敘述的時間背景全部在過去, 故更早的已婚持續狀態, 就要用過去完成式, 這是一段敘述維持時態一致所必需. 婚姻狀態在當時雖是一個事實, 但這並非絕不可能改變, 作者敘述一個過去事情, 語意並無涉及現在, 所以不可用現在完成式. .

    2013-11-05 08:52:51 補充:

    用過去完成式had been married並不表示那個女士已離婚或已死亡, 只是因為要配合整體時態的一致而已.

    就如同現在完成式has been married是持續到現在的狀態, 卻不表示從此刻起就離婚或死亡,

    Source(s): 羅莉 + 英文文法
  • D
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    "Has been" is right. But Tom is a common name for a man, not a woman. Who gave this idiotic question.

  • 嗨嗨


    Tom has been married for a long time.


    has been 喔!

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