discover, find, find out 的差異


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    discover, find, find out 的差異



    find  一般通用性的 "找到"

    find out 是明嘹"我個人不知道"的事與物


    I just "discovered" 3 new planets suitable for lives.

    I need to "find" my diamond ring.

    She "finds out" that he has been cheating on her for a while.


    find 還可以當名詞使用 其他2位則不行


    Your discovery is a great find on my book.

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    A2 - That was indeed a discovery worth Nobel Prize.

    B1 - over the top indeed. What do you expect in a drug house?

    Use it only if you "discover" a bunch of nuns in it.

    B3 - The police found out ... is missing.

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    A panda lover? That is a first for me. Thanks but no thanks - I would choose the one in the Smithsonian.

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    真的向她說的那樣的話Discovery Channel 就要換成Finding Channel了

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    discover and find是有重疊可是妳對他們之間的選擇 就會顯出各自的偏重



    要說I found my undies.

    不說I discover my undies.

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    is a "her"? Hmm I think "she" is a better choice..

    B3 Sounds weird..."find out" 比較偏向 "從不知道 -> 知道", as in:

    What if prissy's mother finds out her daughter is gay?

    haha jk...prissy might be feisty, but I like her nontheless...

  • Beth
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    7 years ago

    A1. When did you find out prisoner26535 is a "her"?

    A2. When did you discover prisoner26535 is a "her"?

    B1. The police discovered a large stash of drugs.

    B2. The police found a large stash of drugs.

    B3. The police found out a large stash of drugs.

    上面五句有哪一句用法錯誤嗎? 如果沒有, 差異在那邊?

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    According to my OXFORD Advanced Learning's dict,

    You can also discover a piece of information that other people knew but you didn't: When did you discover that she's married.

    So, A2 won't win a Nobel Prize. A no-bell Prize? Maybe.

    2013-11-06 03:15:26 補充:


    The difference between A1 and A2 is:

    A1 比 A2 多了主動性. A1 是主動去發現. A2 可能是主動或是別人告訴他.

    2013-11-06 03:23:48 補充:

    B1 是字典例句. 原句: The police discovered a large stash of drugs while searching the house.

    B2 是我認為在上句中, discovered 換成 found 意思完全一樣.

    B3 是我特意加上 out, 我認為這句也沒有問題.和 B2不同的是: B2是找到, B3是找出來. B1是發現了.

    2013-11-06 03:29:08 補充:

    這幾個字的差異很難用幾句話就能完整表達. 字典也只提供部分的比較. 比如字典解釋 find: to discover by chance. 其實你可以去感覺, 跟我中文用的字很像: 找到: 無意中發現. find out 多了一個 out 就很有動作的感覺. 我的翻譯就會變成: 找出來.

    我相信除了 discover 多了一個用法來表示你發現了所有人都不知道的事物, 一定要 discover這個字以外.

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    單純就找到或是發現這個概念, 這三個字很接近, 但是微妙的差異就如同我前面所說, 看完我的解釋, 你再去找50個例句來看, 應該能幫助你理解, 如果有我的翻譯不能解釋的, 丟出來看看吧.

    2013-11-06 12:20:24 補充:

    I said, 我相信discover 多了一個用法來表示你發現了所有人都不知道的事物, 一定要 discover這個字以外, 單純就找到或是發現這個概念, 這三個字很接近. 當用在發現所有人都不知道的新事物的時候, 當然是用 discover. 不代表用 discover 只能用在發現所有人都不知道的事物上.

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