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Explain The REAL Sexual World To Me?

(Please forgive me for my little humility) I'm 17 growing up in a rather small Christian community and an extremely small school, I know that I'm very physically attractive (with sexual charisma and confidence), I'm good at talking to girls (flirting with them especially) and I have a pretty normal balanced life of school, friends (both male and female) and activities (primarily theatre, where i meet most girls) but I'm a bit stumped by sex.

In my life, any form of sexual relationship outside of marriage is of course harshly looked down upon. I've only ever made out with girls and I've found so far in my life that most girls I've encountered (many not christians) have little to no interest in making out or sex. Girls really want to spend time with me but they would be perfectly content with just having a fun time all night and doing no making out of any kind. (PS I know I'm a very good kisser)

My perception of the world outside my own largely of course comes from movies and TV from which I'm receiving two different messages: There are plenty of women who enjoy having sex on a regular basis with either one or a variety of different partners (some of these women are "Sluts" some are "normal" women). The second message which I'm experiencing more of but seeing less of in media is that women prefer spending time with men doing different activities far more than being physical either because they dislike sex or they're practicing self-control to try and force the guy to start a committed relationship in order to for him to "get" to be physical with her.

The only girl I've seriously encountered outside my sheltered community was extremely sexual and knowing how much she enjoyed sex wanted to be physical with me constantly (she did do drugs).

I'm extremely ignorant so I want to learn. What is the sexual world really like? Have I just coincidentally gotten to meet girls with no interest in sex? Will I find that many girls will want to make out with me for a long time before we go off and spend the rest of the day doing fun things once we've released our sexual tensions? Are these sex loving women real or a figment of entertainment? Do I need to have a GF to find a continuous source of sexuality? How can i find a woman with the same sexual energy as me? What are your experiences at my age? Men and women alike, please inform me, please help me.

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    the sexual world is full of many thing all around and in between from vanilla to BDSM (don't google this you're not ready to know about it) to other things.

    It's trial and error. Know that p/orn isn't real, women enjoy sex, women enjoy just having a good non sexual time. some women have several sexual partners, some women have only, some purely prefer their hands has their partner. ;)

    All in all everyone has their own preferences and you'll find the right girl for you. She may even be Christian.

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