Washington State or University of Idaho?

I'm a national merit semifinalist and both Washington State and University of Idaho offer complete scholarships for finalists. At this point they seem pretty similar to me: both offer a type of Wildlife Biology degree (I want to be a wildlife vet) and they're only 8 miles away from each other! To an outsider, they seem pretty much like the same university.

If anyone knows about these two universities, what are the major differences between them? What are each's pros and cons?


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    7 years ago
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    When I was a high school student I wanted to go out West for college, but ultimately did not.

    However, I would advise you not to make the mistake of thinking that just because two universities are close to each other that they will be very much alike. Duke and UNC are close to each other and quite different.

    Obviously, visit both if you're able to.

    If you're interested in athletics, Washington State will probably have more options.

    Washington State has about 21,000 students and the University of Idaho has 11,000.

    Washington State has an endowment nearly four times larger than the University of Idaho.

    Insofar as the academic quality of both institutions, you'll be fine. If your ambition is to be a vet, the vet school you apply to isn't going to be so much interested in where you went to college as they are in your GPA in the sciences and the VCAT.

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