Which show do you like better "American Idol" or "Idol Puerto Rico"?

The first time in 2002 when American Idol started, it was a hit sensation. As time went on, it started to get repetitive. Then the show made judges fight with each other as this being good television entertainment. People started criticizing it for this, and became unpopular. But then Idol Puerto Rico started in 2011, I thought it was pretty good. Then the 2012 edition came and it was better than the first, now the 2013 edition I like it less than last year, in my opinion. In Idol Puerto Rico they don't make the judges fight with each other which is a good change to the original format, and give good judging on the show for a change. They don't rely on superstars to judge. But this year, ever since that judge fight between Elvis Crespo and Noel Schajris, the show seems similar to the American Idol judge fights like Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. I think it's starting to become trashy t.v.

What do you people think? Which show do you like better? Differences on the shows? Or same bad?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Don't watch Idol Puerto Rico. So can't really judge that

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