What are some of the data security challenges related to cloud computing?

am looking for data security challenges specifically in a cloud environment. What challenges are out there? Are what mitigation techniques are available?

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  • 6 years ago
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    The problem with cloud computing is they are designed to be open and accessible by a large number of people. In order to secure each account you'd have to have a very secure firewall on the computers, then each file would have to be encrypted with a public and private key so no one could hack in and just get into the information without a unique password and then a key generated by the user account.

    The problem you run into is that people want their data secure but they don't want it so secure that if they screw up and don't enter a password correctly the information is subject to secure deletion and drive wiping of the sectors assigned to that information. So if you can get into the cloud odds are there isn't much to stop you once you're in.

    The NSA has already cracked google and yahoo's cloud, I don't use cloud computing but unless you had public and private keys and even authenticators generating random codes that match up to the server it would be very hard to secure a cloud and still make it user compatible for people who don't have advanced computer skills.

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