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How to press a photo onto canvas, for canvas prints?

Can I somehow use an iron to press a photo onto canvas to make prints. After I peel the actual picture from the emulsion of the photo paper and apply the glue, is there a possibility of this working? Not put the iron directly on the photo but to iron it from the opposite side of the canvas? Thanks

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    8 years ago
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    No, That is not how you get photos onto canvas - you don't peel the emulsion off the paper (it is much too weak) and you don't apply it by ironing. You need to explore the actual methods available which can involve printing on transfer paper and ironing the ink from the transfer paper onto the canvas, directly ink printing onto the canvas with a large flat bed ink jet printer (most likely today), applying emulsion to the canvas and doing dye transfer printing after photographic exposure of the emulsion (several times for multicolor)

    I believe I have seen an example of ironing a photo emulsion to cloth but that involved face down while still on the paper and then the paper was soaked and rubbed off and the photo image on the paper was reversed on the cloth.

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