Any ideas on how to convince religious people in my class to understand gay people?

I have tried to explain to them that there is nothing wrong with being gay and that their prejudice towards someone they have never met is unjustified.

I have had them take a foolish argument from the bible which they always use

"God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"

Which is the most stupid argument ever.

They also quote Leviticus saying that

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind for it is an abomination"

Yet when i quote the other verses in the old testament some of which are form Leviticus, such as the marriage laws and the use of the word "Abomination" which literally translates as ritually unclean. And the other verses relating to the crossing of fabrics etc.

Yet when i say this they say that it is from the old testament, and as such we should not follow it.

Yet when i try to say that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality once in the new testament the vehemently say that just because he does not mention it does not mean that he did not think it was a sin and that you would still go to hell for it.

They cherry pick the verses that they want from the old testament in an attempt to use them against me, yet they contradict themselves by saying that we shouldn't follow the old testament.

Any help in arguing back to them would help me greatly, since i am normally always outnumbered 8:1 since i am the only gay person in the class and the other straight people who see no problem in it see fit to leave it all to me to argue back and our teacher compared being gay to having a low moral fibre and that you

"Shouldn't judge someone just because they have lower moral standards than you"

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  • 6 years ago
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    This is coming from a bisexual Catholic. Yes, there is such thing as being non-heterosexual and Christian.

    Okay, now that I have established that, the Old Testament, though is not obsolete, has a lot of things we don't even apply to our lives because Jesus fulfilled the covenant in the Old Testament. For instance, in Leviticus (if you read that, it is a book where Christians hardly adhere to any of the rules), it states we shall not eat pork, help handicapped people, touch anything a woman menstruating or her for that matter,... yeah, I HIGHLY doubt the Christians in your school abide those rules. I know I eat sausage, help handicapped people when I volunteer at a hospital, and still attend church while I'm on my period. Agh, TMI moment there, but I hope you get what I mean ;D Before I go way off tangents, let me go right back to what I was saying. I talked to many people in my church, including people that help with the confirmation. One only had to remind me "God doesn't make mistakes" in order for me to understand. Pretty much, being gay IN ITSELF is not bad. Look at all the verses in the Bible. It only states lying with a person of the same sex as you would with another; that does not mean if I like girls, I'm going straight to Hell. Heck, there are gay BISHOPS. I think that speaks volumes there. Try to avoid arguments if at all possible. I'm not saying to think "OMG THERE IS A CHRISTIAN I SHALL FLEE WHILE I CAN." Nope, there are TONS of gay-loving Christians out there (or at the very least, gay accepting). Hope all goes well for you, comrade. :)

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    6 years ago

    If you want to argue within Christianity then:

    Look up places in the New Testament where Jesus "sinned" and made no apology for it, (off the top of my head I can remember that was caught gathering grains on the Sabbath which carried the death penalty in Moses day, and that when asked what commandments one needs to follow to get into Heaven he only listed six or seven notably ommiting the ones about idols and Gods name). The point is the show that Jesus's morality was different than that of Leviticus.

    You might also make the point that god flip flops on brother/sister incest (compare Leviticus with the story of Moses and Sarah who were the chosen parents of Gods chosen people and also half brother and sister, be sure to cite chapter and verse because Moses "lies" by telling people they are brother and sister instead of husband and wife but mentions this is actually a half truth rather than a lie, they will probably want to say that you are the one who is confused so you will have to show it to them in black and white, just yahoo search "Moses Sarah brother sister" or something along those lines for the exact quote) and polygamy (challenge them to find the exact point in the Bible where polygamy became not OK anymore, they won't be able to find one) so how can they be sure he still has the same views on gay marriage.

    If they counter with homophobic verses from the New Testament point out that the Apostle Paul didn't start writing until after Jesus was no longer on the Earth (being Christians they won't like it if you say "after he died") and his sole source of authority to decide which parts of the Old Testament law still applied was a single vision of Jesus and that serial killers like Son of Sam and Charles Manson had similar visions.

    Otherwise simply this: I think your religion is silly and immoral but I tolerate you, thats all I'm asking for in return, if you think I'm going to Hell then I don't care because there is no Hell, and if you think God is mad at me then I don't care because your god is not God.

    to explain why their religion is silly and immoral I would suggest you leaf through this site and pick out some examples chapter and verse that jump out at you, put them on the defensive instead of letting them force you into justifying yourself.

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  • 6 years ago


    "Now imagine this as a pool, I’m going to dive into this head first and probably get flamed for what I’m about to say. But Most people of any Branch of the Christian faith aren’t anymore Christian then Adolph Hitler himself was, Christian stands for Christ Like which means acting as Jesus Christ would act. Jesus Christ accepted everyone and helped everyone, Christian does not mean follow the guidebook that was written, re-written, translated & Re-translated centuries after Jesus Christ died. His “Followers” basically turned their backs on his teachings, spreading hatred and bigotry simple as they saw fit. Jesus Christ Wouldn’t like most so called Christians, as I don’t like most So called Christians. You shouldn’t need to label yourself Christian, it should be within your actions to act Christ Like. It should be clear without ever saying a word, people should see it without having to see you at a church. As the saying goes “Going to church makes you no more Christian, then going to a garage makes you a mechanic”.

    Human Sexuality; that would be Homosexuality (Attraction to the same-sex), Heterosexuality (Attraction to the Opposite-Sex) and Bisexuality (Attraction to Both Genders) has been proven to be inborn. This was done in a case study of Identical Twins, when both twins where born and one happened to be gay the other twin had a seventy percent chance of also being gay. Proving that Human Sexuality deals with Hormones in the womb, pre-birth.

    Honestly, before you mention the word marriage I'd like you to research Pre-Christian Greek & Roman Societies; you do realize Marriage existed long before Christianity high-jacked yet another one of Societies ideals correct?

    Pedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia are Fetishes, some cases seen as a mental illness; it has no comparison to Human Sexuality or Gender Identity."

    Argument Won;

    Source(s): The thing about science is whether you believe in it or not; it's true!
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  • 6 years ago

    Ask yourself: what's the point of winning this argument? Do you really think that they will magically hear your argument and say, "Wow! I'm so wrong! You are so right. Thanks for opening my eyes to the truth."


    Move on. Let it go. There is nothing you can say here that is going to make the situation better. If you really want to point it, ask them for the last time they lied. If they believe homosexuality is a sin, then since all sins are created equal, they are no better than you for lying, cheating, gluttony, etc.

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