NYC DOE High school question?

I gt accepted into this high school and I don't like it anymore. Now, I have a zoned high school 5 bus stops away. Is it possible to transfer to the zoned high school right now(im a freshman ) or would I have to wait until the end of freshman year to do it?

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    I answered this already.

    I said:

    "You cannot transfer until next September.

    However, in order to do this, you must ask your guidance counselor for a new high school application. Fill it out, just like you did when you applied to high school last year and turn it in by the deadline in December.

    You should know that they JUST changed the rules about zoned schools. You are no longer guaranteed admission to your zoned school you are just given a preference. (No one knows exactly how that will work yet.) So think about putting a few other schools you'd like to transfer to on that list!"

    That's the answer to your question.

    There are only 2 kinds of transfers that will allow you to transfer mid year:

    1) A hardship transfer - this is for kids who have a commute of more than 90 minutes EACH WAY from home to school. Is your commute more than 90 minutes long?

    2) A safety transfer - this is for kids who have been assaulted at school. The incident must have happened AT school. You must have reported it to the police. And you must have a police report to prove that the incident happened.

    If you neither of these scenarios fits your situation then you are not eligible for a transfer unless you fill out another high school application form and formally apply to go to a different school in September of 10th grade.

    This is reality at the Dept. of Education. You might want the reality to be different from what it is, but you can't change the rules made by the Dept. of Education.

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