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What is a good career for a conscientious but slow person?

I'm a great worker in that I'm dedicated to understanding and doing my job correctly, but because of this I'm a lot slower than other people.

Even trying my hardest to speed up, I never feel like I'm at the same pace as everyone else. This slowness seems to apply across every area of my life, too - e.g., I'm a slow reader, even though I love to read and do so constantly. My internship supervisor says I'm great in pretty much every other way, but that I should look for a field where my [inherent] focus quality over quantity is an asset instead of a liability. I'm introverted and even-keeled, so I'm not one of those folks who's constantly squawking at my coworkers because of it. It's just that it's impossible for everyone not to notice.

I would love to find an area where one of my key work characteristics is something I'm not constantly feeling bad about. I know there are a ton of personality-career matching tests/sites out there, but I've never seen one that specifically relates this characteristic to a job or field.

Any help would be appreciated!

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    Your behavior seems to match well with my career type, so long as mathematics is not an issue for you. I had a few similar issues when growing up, especially the attention to detail, slow paced issues, which is why I turned to math. Math is perhaps the best cure for minds troubled by mistakes. If you do math correctly it makes sense, when you don't it is obvious a mistake was made. I turned to engineering in college because I enjoy the order that mathematics brings. In engineering you need to be precise, "winging it" is not acceptable EVER! My current position is a field engineer. Basically I go to work in the morning, my super tells me where to go for the day, I check data points at my assigned sites for the day, then do some math (statics, differentials, etc) and turn in my work at the end of the day. It bums me out a little because I'm alone 8 to 12 hrs a day, but might fit a self proclaimed introvert like a glove! I dual majored in environmental and mechanical engineering. The pay grade is pretty good as well made 65k going in 5 years later I'm up to 90K. My super makes 145k. Which is a job I might get in a few decades hopefully. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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