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List of Korean Music Companies w/Artist for audition?

I want to send my audition/profile through email. I just needed some companies for people to suggest. Yes, I am a foreigner or non-Asian.

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    SM Entertainment: Super Junior, DBSK, Girls Generation, Shinee, F(x), EXO, Henry, BoA

    JYP Entertainment: 2pm, 2am, Wonder Girls, Miss A, 15&, Sunmi

    YG Entertainment: Psy, Big Bang, 2ne1, Lee Hi, Gummy

    Woollim Entertainment: Infinite, Nell, Tasty, Yoo Jiae, Baby Soul, JIN

    J. Tune Camp/Entertainment: Rain, MBLAQ, TwoX

    Starship Entertainment: Sistar, Boyfriend, K.will

    TS Entertainment: Secret, BAP

    Cube Entertainment: BEAST, 4Minute,, Apink. BTOB

    DSP Media: Kara, Rainbow, SS501 (former)

    Core Contents Media: Davichi, T-ara

    Loen Entertainment: IU, Zia

    Pledis Entetainment: After School, Hello Venus, Son Dambi

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago has all company names, artists, and links to their auditions.

    If you have anymore questions, email me

    Source(s): Auditioning for 32 companies
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