Is there a book about why capitalism and socialism are bad and that we need to find a common ground/between?

I need to read at least two books about this topic for my research paper.

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  • pgreen
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    7 years ago
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    You should look at "mixed economy" (wikipedia, among others,

    has a related article and a list of books).

    Now, as I thought a lot about the topic, am not too influenced

    by the usual pundits, and have seen both system (and a third

    one) at work, this is how I see it:

    Capitalism, as it recognizes human freedom, has less flaws than

    socialism, and its cousin nationalism, which consider people as

    owned by "society" in the form of the state or the nation and other

    public bodies..

    A drinkable cocktail (cursor theory) might include

    * two thirds of "capitalism" (in an extensive definition including

    primacy of individuals, freedom, human rights, personal property,

    free trade...)

    * one third of socialism (role of society : common rules, safety,

    supervision, assistance, common interests and missions).

    The (state / nation / public bodies) socialism share could even

    be reduced by including enough "hybrid" private (= voluntary

    membership) / public (=not too discriminatory) bodies such as

    associations, cooperatives, fundations, mutual and cooperative


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