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Jrue Holiday for Michael Carter Williams?

Fantasy basketball:

Should I trade Jrue Holiday for Michael Carter Williams? Michael Carter Williams put up an amazing performance tonight, but I'm not sure if he will consistently put up big numbers throughout the whole season. Would it be smarter if I kept Jrue Holiday, or trade him for Michael Carter Williams? Or, should I trade Deron Williams for him?

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    I had the same question and after researching I'm going to do it. I was offered MCW and Boozer for Jrue and Tyson Chandler. I'm kinda nervous as to whether MCW develops some shooting, that seems to be the main knock against him but I think he will be fun to watch and I also have D Wade and Lin on my team. Also, I entered the trade in the Fantasy Sports Portal NBA Trade Analyzer ( and MCW came out on top. For my trade I also like how I can put Boozer in PF or C. Hope this helps, good luck!

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