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Why is it that in other countries, they allow GMO labels, EXCEPT in the USA?

I just bought a bag of Russian sunflower seeds and it was labeled no GMO in Russian. When will America start doing this? Are we the only country that is keeping GMO in our foods a secret??

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    8 years ago
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    You need to show that GMO food is not labeled due to laws banning the labeling of foods.

    Before you state that we are the only country that does not allow them.

    We might be one of the few that does not require such labels.

    If it is a- the labels are not allowed then you need to get a petition going asking this law gets repealed.

    if they are not required then start writing grocery stores and asking them to require their suppliers to label the food and only by food with such labels.

    I personally I don't care if food is labeled GMO or not I only have two concerns

    1. If some one introduces a dangerous crop can they get sued?

    2. If a company introduces a new crop and the speed spreads to other fields- will they be able to sue farmers?

    The companies should not be allowed to take such actions- if a GMO crop can pollinate a non GMO field whether the results are good or bad for other farmers the corperation that designed the GMO plant are to be held responsible not the other farmers.

    If the result is a killer tomato - then it is ADM or Monasnto's fault for making it and if the crops pollinate other fields and the result is every farmer in Kansas has drought resistant wheat and the labs go under

    as everyone got their plants free- then it is their fault for not trying to figure out how to protect their investment.

    If a GMO if a a regular sunflower can be pollinated with pollen from a GMO sun flower then all such labels are useless. As you would have to prove that didn't happen

    As you have

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    8 years ago

    You can say Non GMO on your packaging if you want to and you can prove it. The US just doesn't require it.

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    8 years ago

    Do you live in the commie state of America?

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