roy keane in talks to be assistant manager with the republic of ireland..strange as he walked out on them @WC?

keane was a great player but i doubt everyone would happy with him in the irish set up..


as a plastic paddy myself i'm not sure if i'm in favour or not

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  • 7 years ago
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    Martin O'Neil and Roy Keane will be officially unveiled tomorrow as the new Irish team double act.

    Unless you are from Cork - (Roy Keane's stomping ground), the general Irish public are against the appointment of Keane as assistant coach - Namely because of the Saipan drama..

    I personally like Keane, not sure if he can keep his mouth shut and play second fiddle to O'Neil though...???

    Whatever way you look at it, Ireland will be going nowhere for the next year or so anyway... If the O'Neil / Keane partnership implodes, there will still be time to salvage the European qualifiers with a new man in place...

    The FIA are basically a laughing stock over here... They never really got over the Steve Staunton & Bobby Robson horror show... The Trappotoni appointment was just as dire... A coach that couldn't speak English and never attended any league games - ever!!

    The FIA fired Mick McCarthy in a media spectacle (Ireland's best manager since Jack Charlton), then go begging him to take the job back again...

    They slate Roy Keane on national television, then hire him as coach...

    My own opinion... Just like the English managers job - It's a poisoned chalice, no manager leaves with his reputation in tact, ever!

  • 7 years ago

    Surprised, if anything, a permanent manager rather than assistant for a Northern Irish manager.

    I would like that, we could see him less on ITV and maybe we could see more of Gordon Strachan.

    Keane is controversial, I wonder what difference he can make.

  • Ruairi
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    7 years ago

    @oliver I understand that majority of Irish gloryhunt. However, we don't tend to support man city. More man Utd gloryhunters just like you. I am an Aston villa fan from Ireland (belfast)

  • 7 years ago

    I'd ask the Irish people in this section about it but they all seem to only care about Man City.

    Edit: Judging by your question it seems you already know if you're in favour or not.

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