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I'm in love with married women. Now she wants a divorce not sure what to do.?

Within the last year I got divorced. I've been friendly with a girl who worksin the office at my job. Over past few months I shared my experience with my divorce and why It happ. She opened up with me about her marriage. She's been unhappy for years. She has 2 young children. She told her husband but she things kept going back to they way they were. me and her became close and we ended up having an affair. Her husband found out and asked for a divorce. But a few days later her family and husband want her to work it out. He says he loves her. They are Portuguese and family is very strict. It's rare to get divorced in her family. She's told everyone she's not happy and had feelings for me. I fell in love with this girl. But I don't want her to base her divorce on just for me. I told her I want her to be happy if I'm here or not. She's thinking about trying to make it work with her husband but only because of her kids. I told her I don't want to fight for her. But inside I do.

3 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    I've been exactly through the same situation as yours , at the end she got her divorce , I thought I'll be the happiest person having her since she's a gorgeous and very good looking woman and I loved her so much but instead , I didn't know how to get rid of her and of the problems that emerged afterwards , she turned my whole life into hell , it was literally devastating. Our relationship didn't last more than a year and I wished it didn't occur from the first place.

    Once she cheated on her man she can probably do it again and again , you can never tell if you're gonna be the next victim the same way i was.

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  • Girl
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    If she wants to try with her husband then you need to be 100% out of the picture so she can try.

    You are right that she should not leave for you. If she leaves it's because she has exhausted every option to repair her marriage and feels confident that leaving is the best thing for her. This can take some time.

    I know you want to fight for her, but the best way to do that, is to let her find her own way in all this.

    And I do not agree that if she cheated with you, that she will cheat on you.. don't listen to that nonsense. If you are meant to be together, then it will work out that you will be. And if you truly make each other happy.. she will have no reasons to cheat on you.

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  • 7 years ago

    You had affair with her knowing she was unhappy...what did you think she was thinking? Of course she wants to be with you. You are being a rat if you aren't honest with her. She's not going to be happy, come on. Don't be phony and hypocritical on top of an adulterer.

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