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Movement of plates

I want to have some informations about constructive and destructive plate boundaries

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    Constructive plate boundaries:

    - convection currents of magma diverge

    - two plates split away from each other

    - tensional force

    - lava wells up from the asthenosphere

    - new rock crust is formed in the zone of divergence

    - ridge push: the new rock curst formed pushes the two plates towards two opposite directions

    - endogenetic processes: normal faulting, vulcanicity

    - landform features: mid-oceanic ridge, rift valley, volcanic islands

    - Example: boundary between Pacific Plate and Nazca Plate

    Destructive plate boundaries:

    - convection currents of magma converge

    - two plates are dragged towards each other

    - compressional force

    - two plates collide

    - denser plate subducts into the asthenosphere

    - the sunk part of the plate melts into magma

    - rocks are destroyed

    - slab pull: force of gravity pulls the denser plate towards the subduction zone

    - endogenetic processes: folding, reverse faulting, vulcanicity

    - landform features: fold mountain, ocean trench, volcanic island

    - Example: boundary between South American Plate and Pacific Plate

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