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I want a role play script for homework assignment. My teacher knows if I am copying from internet so I want a play script but I wish there will be mistake about grammar.

That all thank you

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  • sammy
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    7 years ago
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    Play script: English Home Work


    Mary is a college student.

    John is Mary's boyfriend.

    ACT I

    ** In front of Taipei Train Station, John kept taking a look at his watch. 5 minutes later, Mary was coming with a notepad in her hand.

    Mary: Sorry, I'm late. When you came here?

    John: It's ok. Let's go and eat something. I'm hungry.

    Mary: Good idea. I'm hungry, too.

    John: What you think to eat?

    Mary: How about McDonald?

    John: After you!

    ACT II

    ** At McDonald, Mary and John ordered the same lunch package. They found a table and sat down.

    John: Do you write your English home work?

    Mary: Yes. I have completed my home work. I can show you here.

    ** Mary opened her notepad.

    Mary: You see. Help me see any problems.

    John: Ok. Let me see.

    ** 2 minutes later.

    John: Your English improves a lot. You do this by yourself?

    Mary: No. My brother helped me and copied most of it from internet. I only added a little bit.

    John: What!? The teacher will find out right away. It's too good to be true.

    Mary: What do you suggest?

    John: Tomorrow is time up. No time to rewrite it. Let me think.

    ** 1 minute later.

    John: How about we change all the new words into simple words. Then, we switch the order of the words in sentences. Make it sound like Chinese English.

    Mary: Great! I know you can help me. Quick. Let's do it.

    John: Before we make any changes, we keep the old article. We may learn the right way. We also can see the difference from the teacher's correction.

    Mary: I hate English, but I think your idea is interesting. Maybe, my English will improve soon.

    ** John and Mary smile at each other.


    有許多錯誤及中文式英文 ....

    希望老師改過後,你可以學到東西 ....

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  • 7 years ago

    Unfortunately, you're still doing the same thing. This is a vicious circle!

    Anyway, you're doomed!

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