My Crush Is My Ex & His Friend? HELP!!?

Okay so i had a crush on this guy name Brandon at my school he asked me out & we started going out for about a week then he broke up with me he was my first boyfriend then a few days pasted i was kinda sad (it still kinda hurts cause he's locker is right by mine) then his friend Steven & Andrew go into a fight in lunch ever since that day I've started liking his best friend Steven. Steven & Andrew went to aep for the fight when they came back after school i had told my best friend Titania that i liked Steven but her dumb *** self told her but now he knows it but like he likes to bump into me in the hall & touch my butt he has been doing it even when i didn't like him but i don't know if he likes me or what cause when it's like me & him together he likes to touch me a lot but around his friends he acts likes i'm just one of the girls but him his friends all touch my butt & call me big booty Judy i don't know if he does what he does with other girls but i don't know . one day i'm saying i don't like him but when i see him i do like him i still like my ex Brandon but this time was different . when i liked Brandon my heart would skip a beat , i would get lost in words but when i'm with Steven it's like "eh whatever" i still like my ex & him but i don't know what to do ..... Brandon is always on my mind & so is Steven but i don't want him to like me just cause i got *** i want him to like me for me but i doubt that cause no boy ever liked me & i'm 14 & Brandon was my first boyfriend ever so i don't know how to deal with these type of feelings . ( Steven is more of a quiet person ) & ( Brandon follows everything his friends says/does) .

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  • Yamini
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    6 years ago
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    There is a proverb search three choose two and marry one. choose the best. it is your choice.

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