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What all do i need to change my 89 tbi 350 into carb?

I have a 89 chevy 1500 with a 350 tbi motor and want change it over to carbeurated. What all do i need for it to work and bolt up correctly. Im trying to get the full power out of my 350 since the tbi lacks doing that...

please help


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    Colossal step backwards, man.

    The stock TBI is fine for you unless you are trying to make power above 4,500. Even if you change the TBI, until you change the swirl heads and camshaft, it's STILL not going to make any power above about 4,000. Up to about 3,000 RPM, the swirl heads are unbeatable. Above that, the Vortec heads.

    The CFM demand of the engine is dictated by the cam, not the heads, TBI, Carb, or intake.

    Source(s): Camshaft design/manufacture, full competition race engine building/development, failure analysis of internal engine components, Carb blueprinting, drivability/MPG/durability expert, chem analysis of fuel, super-tuner. I'll help/advise you, make/sell you cams, etc. I'm MUCH too busy to baby-sit you for free. I get MANY emails from Yahoo Answers. A few buyers from here, even. That said, I WILL answer a private email or two, but please don't slam me with endless emails asking endless questions or for me to hold your hand. PLEASE don't ask me to pick a cam for you made by someone else. I make and sell cams, not answer "Can you tell me what size and brand of cam to buy" questions. The only answer is "You can buy one from me, I'll make you one". Cam specs are reserved for buyers only, sorry, as I won't do camshaft homework for shoppers who then buy a non-comparable elsewhere. I'm here to help, aim to please, but don't work for free.
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    the tbi works beater and makes more power then a small 4 barrel would . when t.b.i work they work great . I don't recommend it .the cost of a four barel alone would be enough to fix the t.b.i. system . and don't know who tould you that or how you came up with that idea but it wrong sorry .

    Source(s): old chevy race motor builder
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