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Tj asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 8 years ago

how do the alaskan trapers aquire the land in the middle of know where to build there cabin on?

These guys are in the middle of know where and I want to know if they have to have a permit to build there cabins on public/ federal land or do they just build it there and not say any thing

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yep you need a permit.

    I am an Alaskan who used to trap a great deal. To build a temporary trappers cabin you need a permit from the state to build it on public land. Here is a PDF file that explains that;

    A bit of history about the Alaska Trappers Association that explains how trappers worked to get where they are now in the state;

    Such cabins are small and quickly built. Imagine a cabin 12 foot by 18 foot you live in for months. You cant build them anywhere and you must follow state laws. Also you cant build them on private land unless you own the land or you have permission from the land owner. Some have built illegal cabins but with todays technology such cabins are discovered by the authorities rather quickly. However in some extremely remote areas that could be months or years simply because no one is looking there….yet. Any occupied cabin sends off heat and that heat sticks out like a sore thumb with infrared technology. In fact they can find it from a satellite, again IF they look at that area. Getting busted for building an illegal cabin can get very expensive when they make you pay for all the trees you cut down. One guy was fined 10 grand for the trees he cut to build a small illegal cabin not far from where I live.

    Here is how some are built;

  • 8 years ago

    This is why YA is interesting to me. I never even knew I was curious about this until saw your question.

    My answer is to listen to BC. He presents himself as someone who knows that they're talking about without my BS detector going off like others who make the same claims.

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    8 years ago

    they usually buy the land outright since there's still plenty of privately held land from the gold rush days. it's not worth much since there's no gold, but still value as trapping land.

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