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____________ involves production of plasma cells.?

a. Innate immunity

b. Antibody-mediated (adaptive) immunity

c. Cell-mediated (adaptive) immunity

d. All forms of adaptive immunity

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    Plasma cells are one of many types of blood cells that arise from stem cells in the bone marrow. Plasma cells develop from B lymphocytes (also known as B cells), which are a major class of white blood cells, the blood cells that fight infection in the body. Normally, plasma cells make up about 5% of all cells in the bone marrow.

    In response to an invasion by foreign substances, groups of plasma cells produce immunoglobulins (also known as antibodies) that help fight off disease and infection caused by the foreign substance. Each plasma cell develops in response to a particular foreign substance within the body and produces immunoglobulins specific to that substance. As a result, many different immunoglobulins are produced in the body.

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