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european history help?

I need help with a few questions, any and all answers would be appreciated for a wordcross puzzle.

1. Religious group invaders that attacked the Holy Land and were kept back from the European Empire by the Byzantine empire.

2. This group of people who lived in solitude, spent most of their days in prayer, and contributed to society with education and medical care.

3. The event when the Catholic Church split into the Eastern Orthidox and Roman Catholic.

Religion that was spoken in Latin, prohibited divorce and the priests to marry, and had a pope as the head of the church.

4.One-tenth of a person's income back to the Church.

5.Wrote a book about several individuals' journeys on their way to a funeral an is known as the father of English language.

6.Type of feudal justice most similar to today's trials.

7.Individuals burned at the stake for being a heretic after he questioned the church's power.

8.English forced this document on their ruler to protect freedoms of the nobles.

9.Crowned the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, conquered most of Western Empire, encouraged education.

10.Feudal justice during which the accused was injured in certain ways to determine if the were guilty or not.

11. Individuals who challenged the church because of their wealth,moral issues among the clergy, and pope's claim to be "God on Earth"

12.Doubting a commonly accepted beliefs such as the belief that Mary was a Virgin and Jesus is the son of God.

13. Religion that was spoken in Greek,permitted their leaders to miry, and had a patriarch as the head of the church.

14.Time in which the Church officials questions others accused of heresy.

15.War between France and England about right to heir to throne.

16.Pope called upon Christian followers to take back the Holy Land.

17.Led the French to victory during the Hundred Years War and was burned at the stake.

18.Wrote a book about the journey of a soul through the afterlife and is known as the father of Italian language.

I know its a lot but any help is appreciated.

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    There may be alternatives to these and as we do not know the number of letters in the answer you may have situations like 17 = St. Joan, Joan D'Arc, Joan of Arc, St. Joan of Arc etc etc

    In addition, some of my answers are best guesses - I am not 100% sure

    1. Seljuk Turks, Seljuks, Muslims.

    2. Monks, Friars, Hermits.

    3. The Great Schism, The East-West Schism.


    5. Geoffrey Chaucer.

    6. Trial by Compurgation


    8. Magna Carta.

    9. Charlemagne.

    10.Trial by Ordeal.

    11. John Wycliffe

    12. Heresy.

    13. Greek Orthodox.

    14. (Spanish) Inquizition ?

    15. Hundred Years War ?

    16. Urban the Second ?

    17. Joan of Arc etc etc.

    18. (Alighieri) Dante

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