What do people in really cold country do to survive?

First my reason for asking alaskans,canadians,or yankees. I live in the south, louisiana to be exact. Just a while ago i was sitting in a louisiana truck stop eating a greasy spoon breakfast as i do now because i am finally gainfully employed.(min.wage minus)

okay i talk loud, flirt with waitresses, and obnoxious at times. so im real easy to spot.

A well dressed man came over to me and said " mr. brandon i see you are getting ready for a cold winter" I asked who was talking to me and he said " I was on the docter`s team that brought you back(to life)" "you had (some big word that meant protein poisoning)" "you had no body fat" he also said that the temperature of my body was at deadly level.

He then said so i could understand that the angels were standing around waiting for my soul and the buzzards were waiting for my ***.

I felt more like listening then. I lost nearly everything a few years ago and lived off the FAT of the land.(what a mythical joke)

I ate squirrels,rabbits,crawdads,ducks, and fish mostly and drank beer when i could get it. It was not that cold when the ladies from a church found me passed out in my living area. The temperature was only in the mid 40s so i am asking what people in real cold country do to keep from dying in much colder weather than here in louisiana. It always freaked me when working on a pipeline in cold weather and everyone but people from the north would say"awww it not cold-its t shirt weather."

So are the animals fatter up north? are the people fatter up north? what? i dont want to go through that experience ever again because hunting and fishing are my life and i am not going to quit. I stay out weeks at a time and if there is something like fat pills i will get them. Really, what do yankees, canadians, and alaskans eat.


please excuse my mistake when talking about northerners, everyone from around close would say it`s cold and the northerners would say it`s T shirt weather.

Update 2:

I failed to get my point across. I know to gather firewood wear clothes to fit the weather. I know bears put on extra fat for the winter etc.,but the body that has plenty to eat and yet is starving at the same time. Rabbits are plentiful especially those big swamp rabbits. They have no fat. squirrels have no fat. I got a hog every now and then but they dont have near as much fat as store bought meat.

I was told to eat more fat things while living in the wild but there are not many around here. I ate good and on a good day i ate too much but according to the docter--i was starving and my body could not produce enough heat. beer has no fat either.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I am an Alaskan survival instructor and spent 11 years doing Bush and mountain rescue as an EMT. But I was not born or raised here. Some stuff I learned in military survival courses and others from fiends - and some the fricken hard way.

    I actually live in North Pole, Alaska. Little town south of Fairbanks and Dec,Jan, and February it's about -40F all the time with lots of dips at night to -55F and to -65F is not unusual. The cold slows everyone down some, but, it does not stop people from going out shopping, working, or having fun.

    First thing - choose the right boots, pants, jacket, hat, and gloves. Thinsulate and Goretex are your buddies. Military 'bunny boots' are butt ugly, but, you can take a pair of them out of your car's truck that is frozen solid, put them on, and your feet are toasty warm in 15 minutes. Dressing in layers is mandatory. You need to take stuff off as you work and put it back on as you slack off to avoid sweating - sweating can kill you. Just walking outdoor it can quickly lead to dehydration - in the woods it can freeze and kill you from loss of body heat. Sweating is bad.

    Second - dont go cheap, and, dont give a flying fuch what it makes you look like if it keeps you warm. My wife has been pissed off at me about this lousy, ugly Cabella's rabbit hat I have work for 20+ years. It works. Dont buy your jacket and gloves at the local WalMart - get them from the speciality store that sell real work gear. Cheap will make you miserable, or worse, get you killed.

    Last - pay attention. In extreme cold a person looses 2 cups of water from just breathing per hour. That means you can chug a water bottle every hour an still not pee a drop. That's not good. You need to drink 2x more than you expect...... remember when you pee'd last, and be sure it comes out clear and drink more water if it dont.

    Here - everyone carries a sleeping bag for each person in the car in case of emergnecy - and a full adult snowsuit incase you need to change a tire. Even when just going to Fairbanks which is just 11 miles away..... because at -40F exposed skin freezes solid in 90 seconds...... and it could be 20 minutes, could be 2 hours - before the next car comes by..... you never know!

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  • Andrew
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    6 years ago

    Why are you talking so down on yourself and sound like a troll? Well, I can answer this question being from the Northeast.

    1.Yes, our animals are waaaay bigger. A 5 year old buck can be in the 300 lb range. 200 is about average around here.

    2.We are not anywhere near as fat, it's southerners who get the rep for being obese. Im pretty sure you guys have the highest obesity rate.

    3.We get used to it, 40 and up is T-shirt weather. But usually winter's by me average 35 in the day and 0-15℉ at night. We eat everything you do probably. A lot of people like deer up here and hunt some of their food. I mean, not to many are obese up here.

    If your asking how we stay warm in 3 feet of snow, well it's simple. Dress in layers. That's really it. Dont buy cheap gear either. Having matches and a lighter on you is always ideal also.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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  • Here's what we do in Michigan.

    1. Close the windows in mid-October and slap plenty of caulking around the cracks. This should work at least through April, though the house gets kind of stuffy.

    2. Wear several layers of clothing, including rubber boots if you can find some in your size and plan to spend a lot of time outside. Gloves and hats are your friends.

    3. Make sure your furnace and/or wood stove work.

    4. Put fresh anti-freeze in your car and replace any hoses that need it. Keep a blanket or two in the car just in case you have to spend the night on the road.

    5. If all else fails, get on I-75 and head south to Florida.

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  • akluis
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    6 years ago

    I am guessing you mean how does someone up north "live off the land"

    Work, work work work work and work some more.

    Truth is, Alaska will kill the man who tries to live off the land unless that man spends the vast majority of his waking hours during the spring, summer, and fall preparing by gathering wood and food for his winter larder.

    Also, there is knowing the what, when, and how. Knowing WHERE berry bushes grow, WHEN they are in fruit, and HOW to gather then store that (and HOW to hunt the bears that come to eat it) is the difference between survival and starvation. This applies to knowing when certain types of fish are running up the streams to spawn, when certain animals migrate, etc, etc.

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  • 6 years ago

    I stay indoors much of the time during winter and when I have to spend time outdoors (skiing, snowshoeing, or working) I wear appropriate clothing for the weather.

    My son did a "klondike camp" for scouts last February when the overnight temps were in the single digits and they just used tents and sleeping bags. But they had 0 degree sleeping bags and packed all the kids in the same tent together. It's just a matter of using your head.

    As for eating, I eat the same year round. Just basic well-rounded meals but with a lot of Mexican food because my wife is Mexican.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Northern animals tend to be bigger than thier southern cousins and do tend to put on more fat. Just compare a whitetail or a coyote in it's winter coat to a southland one and you'll see the difference right off. As for people, you make sure you have plenty of wood split and dried, plenty of garden vegs canned in the pantry, potatoes and apples in the cellar and wool in the closet.

    Born and raised in New England.

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  • 6 years ago

    Ever hear of the band " Three Dog Night "? That means it was so cold it was a three dog night to keep you warm. Also an old saying, Throw another dog on.

    Personally though, may I suggest a nice Eskimo girl instead ? Maybe two ?

    Just saying.

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  • 6 years ago

    As a Cajun relocated to the great northwest, its all about getting used to the conditions where you live. Dressing in layers, but mostly just getting your body acclimatized to the conditions

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  • chris
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    6 years ago

    Stockpile foods a fuel and stay in the cabin

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