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Getting an article 86 and 92. someone help?

The Day I checked into my first duty station I left bc of personal issues for 25 days. I'm back at my unit and now I'm getting two Njps and have admitted to using drugs. What's gonna happen to me? SOMEone help

19yo pfc usmc

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    Well, odds are you are looking at reduction to E-1, and an Other then Honorable discharge.

    For goodness sakes, you are an E-2, and you already went UA for almost a month. That may or may not be recoverable, but the drug offense is not.

    So expect a month or so of restriction, extra duty, then the Seabag Drag to the main gate where you sign your baring order and get your OTH.

    Just be glad it is Office Hours (Article 15), or you might be looking at a Court Martial and a Big Chicken Dinner (Bad Conduct Discharge). And trust me, I have seen scores kicked out of the Corps for the exact same reason you are.

    Source(s): 10 years USMC 6 years US Army
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    for some reason you forgot that when you too the oath that at that moment you were government property. One does not report for duty then takes off for 25 days thinking everything is fine. More then likely you will get a bad discharge out of the service.

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