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Has anyone ever stolen 1st base?

Just wondering if anyone has ever tried to steal a base in reverse. Would it be legal? I pose this question as a possible strategy to avoid having your big HR hitter intentionally walked. In tonight's World Series game a batter bunted with a man on first. It was not sacrifice attempt it was an attempt to get a hit. The result was a sacrifice however as the batter was thrown out and the runner advanced to second. This resulted in the unwanted result of David Ortiz the next batter being intentionally walked. I pose this question after watching an interview with Willie McCovey who claimed that he was able to hit more HR's by batting behind Willie Mays, who according to McCovey would often hit balls that would have been doubles but would stop at first so as to not set up McCovey for an intentional walk. Mays, according to McCovey could also have stolen 2nd base many more times. Mays did not steal as frequently, in order to force the opponent to pitch to McCovey rather than set up an intentional walk situation. Your thoughts?

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    Legend has it that Germany Schaefer did this was back in the 1900s decade. He was on first, a teammate on third, he stole second in hopes of drawing a throw and giving his teammate a chance to score, but the catcher did not take the bait. Reportedly, on the next pitch, Schaefer scampered back to first, again hoping to draw a throw.

    Whether or not this actually happened, the rules were emended not long after, stipulating that bases must be run in the correct order, putting an end to such nonsense.

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    This is illegal and would result in the runner being called out for running the bases backward to confuse the defense or make a travesty of the game. Rule 7.08(i).

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    If faking being hit by a pitch is considered stealing 1st base, which it is not - then No.

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    It used to be legal, in that there was no rule against it. Someone (Look up the name) did it like five times in one game, and it got banned shortly after.

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