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Who really likes trent reznor and NIN?

I feel he gets my rage out a little bit, and I can relate to his music, anyone else feel this way about this band?


I have seen them once this year at last, and my favorite song has to be Sin....although I love Eraser

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    Love Trent and NIN, been a fan since Pretty Hate Machine (I have since lost that cd, and it was their best one!). I've seen him three times in concert, always an excellent, high energy show. I heard NIN is back this year and he now has an actual band. I wanted to see them in concert when the Budweiser festival came to my city but I couldn't justify paying 170+ dollars to go to a concert where I only liked 1 or 2 bands (I think Queens of the Stone Age were there too?). Hope Trent comes back around soon.

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