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Who was the first WWE superstar to start using the chokeslam? Undertaker, Kane Big Show?

Im guessing it was Undertaker since he has been around longer then Kane & the Big Show

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    I think the chokeslam was used before either one of the three first had it as a signature move. Like how Chris Jericho was not the first person to use Walls of Jericho. I know Sid Vicious used the chokelsam and he was around before the three.

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    Undertaker didn't use the chokeslam in the 90's, well early 90's. Big Show came to WWF in 1999 St. Valentines Day Massacre( PPV). Kane on the other hand debuted at Bad Blood 1997. So im guessing Kane? Not sure though.

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    " Believe it , or not ! ; ' Big ' John S T U D D ,

    @ maybe , 1ST W R E S T L E M A N I A ! "

    Source(s): " Next up , for W . W . E . ' Hall of Fame ' ; ( e n t r a n t ! c o n s i d e r a t i o n s ? ) . " - ' Merciless Mental ' Inglewood Stuntman , current W. W. E. HARDCORE Champion .
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