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If the Sixers are as much A$$ as everyone believes they will be. There's no point in keeping Thad Young?

Thad Young is their best and highest paid player. He already let it be known that whether or not Sixers are tanking he won't have any part of it and will play to win. Therefore, he is on the trading block because of it. He plays excellent defense and could do a bit of everything on the floor. Young averages last season were: 15 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 1.8 SPG on 53.8 FG%. He could be an excellent addition for let's say the NY Knicks.

All the Sixers really want are expiring contracts/young players/draft picks in their effort to tank for this upcoming draft yr. So NY doesn't need to give up much to obtain Thad Young. Something like Cole Aldrich (who is both young and an expiring contract) and a 2017 1st rd draft pick (one of NY's last draft picks left) could be enough to reel in Thad Young. Especially, since Spencer Hawes and LaVoy Allen are also FAs and Nerlens Noel may not play this yr so they could use Aldrich to try and develop him and if that doesn't work he's a FA anyways so he could be let get of easily.






6. Smith, 7. Bargnani, 8. Stoudemire, 9. Artest, 10. Hardaway J.R., 11. Prigioni, 12. Martin, 13. Udrih, 14. Murry, 15. ??? (hopefully C.Smith is waived at some point of the season and Jeremy Tyler is re-obtained once he's healthy.)

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    I am Also a Knicks fan so this would be interesting to see but I think the Knicks should just completely rebuild through the Draft like OKC and Spurs

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    The trade couldn't go through in real life, the Knicks would have to trade ethier Bargnani, Stoudamire, Anthony, or Chandler for the trade to be valid (Knicks are stuck in the luxury tax). I wouldn't accept the trade if I was in the Sixer's office, Aldrich has been putting up Fab Melo-type stats and I don't see much upside with him. Plus, I don't think the 76er's will be shoving Thaddeus out the door anytime some, he's only 25 and I could see his numbers soaring soon. Still, they probably would listen to a good offer, and while the Knicks can't get him without losing a big piece he would be a great addition to the Knicks (I think Young would be better then Bargnani)and other teams too.

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