In a Geometry proof, what can be determined from an intersection?

In a proof, I was given Line Segment AB and Line Segment CD intersect at E.

What can be determined from this statement?

I don’t know how to use this in my proof.

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    Your 2 line segments AB and CD intersect at point E.

    This gives you 4 angles ∡AEC, ∡BED, ∡AED, and ∡BEC which can be viewed as 2 pairs of congruent vertical angles

    ∡AEC ≅ ∡BED (Angle AEC is congruent to angle BED

    ∡AED ≅ ∡BEC

    This also gives you 4 pairs of supplementary angles

    ∡AEC + ∡BEC = 180°

    ∡BEC + ∡BED = 180°

    ∡BED + ∡AED = 180°

    ∡AED + ∡AEC = 180°

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