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we are pleased to inform you?

what tense it is?

We are pleased to inform you? Its look like Present Indefinite (Passive Voice).

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  • 7 years ago
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    We are pleased to inform you .....................

    If the above sentence is observed somewhat microscopically, a clear picture may come out.

    1. Principal/Main Verb of the above sentence is " are". ( the present tense & plural form of "be" verb.)

    2. "Pleased" appears as the past tense form of "please".Example- Her cordial behaviour really PLEASED me.Here "pleased" is the principal verb.

    But , in your sentence the word " pleased" should never be taken as a principal verb (in the past form) but should be taken as the Past Participle Adjective.

    The sentence segment "We are happy to inform you......" is almost akin to your sentence.

    Let's take another sentence. - The Principal was really SATISFIED to see his students' academic progress.

    Thank you & have a fabulous time.

    Source(s): A teacher
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