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Thesis Revision? *Easy Points*?

Hey guys, could you help me revise my thesis? Possibly add more 'creativity'/specificity to it.

"The Medieval Catholic Church's excessive greed resulted in corruption which led to the loss of Catholic ideals as well of much of its power."

Thank you!

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    hopefully the information at the link (below) will be helpful: The Greedy Guide

    an extract follows:

    But no scholar should be dazzled by the artistic feats and lose sight of the reality of those days. Plague, war, political instability and constant change in daily life were the norm. The Catholic Church fell victim to corruption and lost its status as the universal Christian church through a turbulent reformation. While philosophers redefined ethics and morality from a secular standpoint, merchants and princes exploited people as well as situations to line their own coffers. Feudalism crumbled in the west as it grew in the east. The portion of the medieval era in which the Renaissance took place saw less peace and comfort for the individual than did the High Middle Ages, thanks to the Inquisition, witch-burning, the slave trade, and the Black Death.

    More at web page including embeddded "hot links" to additional information

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