what is the name of a business that sell a service to help promote your ideas?

What is the name of a business that sell a service to help promote your ideas?

a company like invent help, that helps you start your own business, and what should I think about when forming a company policy, as in if someone wants to form a rival company with our help, what are legal implications involved with denying them service and or throwing them off track incidentally to get ahead? Is their a template of things to consider as far as contracts

{please keep the fallowing in mind when forming your answer I have only two years worth of experience in the legal world and currently in high school, however ran a under the table business seance 16 till 18}

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    I hve not heard of inventor assistance and company development assistance all in one service.

    One unique alternative for implementing ideas, that was profiled on PBS, is Quirky.com "crowd sourcing product inception" a site with 400k members, charges a $10 concept submission fee, it may utilize suggestions from other members to further refine the design along with staff who have web-casted evaluation sessions you can participate in, reported a couple of good ideas have earned 6 figures.

    Some invention service related links I had:

    Comprehensive article on Invention services by Patent Attorneys


    http://www.wini2.com/ Unbiased evaluations Invention Evaluation $250, Product Assessment $270

    "Invent Land" in business for 18 years http://davison.com/

    A complaint and company response.


    http://www.complaintsboard.com/byurl/davison.com.h... complaints


    The U.S. patent office may have some useful material http://patft.uspto.gov/

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