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Should I trade D Thomas for J Gordon, J Cameron, and H Douglas?

Rest of the roster is

Aaron Rodgers,

Ray Rice,

Eddie Lacy,

Brian Hartline,

Emmanuel Sanders,

Jarrett Boykin,

Greg Olsen,

Darren McFadden,


Danny Amendola,

Darren Sproles,

Vernon Davis,

Fred Jackson,

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  • greg g
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    7 years ago
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    Yes, Demaryius has his solid games but does not get many TDs, Douglas is the number one receiver in Atlanta for now and even when Roddy White comes back he will still be involved since Julio is gone, Cameron and Gordon are both great as well. Take the trade!

  • 7 years ago

    Cameron and Gordon were suffering serious QB issues after Hoyer was injured, but the guy they brought in just last week is doing quite well.

    Harry Douglas is still a temporary fix in a very bad Atlanta situation. As much as I freakin adore Matty-Ice, he's not doing that well. I could blame the terrible defense before last week, but then he threw 4 picks.

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