I had a nightmare about Mike Myers?

Okay so i was having a nice calm dream of me and Ed, Edd, and Eddy chilling but then out of nowhere i got zapped into this Halloween scene and i look behind myself and Michael Meyers is chasing me with a knife and this all seemed pretty realistic to me. But then once again i got zapped into another dream which confused even me because i saw all the Disney princesses and princes(If you count tarzan a prince) were gathered together talking(Jane from Tarzan) wasn't there neither(was Eric from The Little Mermaid) and i saw Tarzan walk up to Ariel and start flirting with her( I Don't Know Why?O_O) And all the Disney princess/prince couples were asking each other why Tarzan was cheating on Jane? So i followed them and Tarzan was trying to get Ariel alone away from every one else but i was close behind them. Tarzan finally cornered her and ripped off his face and it scared the cr4p out of me to find out it was none other than Michael Meyers himself. Anyways he had his knife with him still and he didn't see me(Thankfully) because he was too busy trying to kill Ariel. He couldn't though and he got really aggravated yelling "Why Won't She Die!!" Suddenly i see her in this mossy green tank full of water with a window so that we can see her face. The water was bloody and her face was already bloody and transforming. Then we see her pull off her face to find out she was Jason Voorhees the entire time (Lol I don't know why) But then i get zapped into another nightmare and I find myself on some kind of College campus and everyone is going about their business and not paying attention me getting chased by (Yes you guessed it) Michael Meyers who still has the knife in his hand..Now that i think about it i think some other girl died in my nightmare on the college campus because Mike Meyers stabbed her. Anyways at the end of the nightmare i see some kid in a Michael Meyers mask chasing me and some other random girls with the same knife...Anyways what does this dream mean anyways??

Anybody want to take a chance and Interpret what my 3 nightmares meant???

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  • Alan
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    6 years ago
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    If you want to write each one out maybe someone can. Mix them all together like this and no one can do justice to the content.

    Source(s): Practically Dreaming by Alan Harmony
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