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70% of the UK are Christian but why most British I know are non religious or Atheist?

I'm American and I know lots of British here, most of them are not Christian, probably 60% of them that I know. And why most British celebs are Christian too but not most of the British regular people?


@Dave S I know Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, One Directions, Elizabeth Hurley, Alex Pettyfer, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Gemma Arteton are Christians.

Update 2:

@Imelda yeah..more intelligent but USA is miles better and greater than the UK will ever be. :p

Update 3:

@Dave S those celebs you mentioned I don;t know any of them, at least their names, they're probably middle age or old people right? Oh, I know Simon Cowell is Catholic and Keira Knightley is Atheist.

Kelly Brook and Keely Hazell are Catholics.

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    The 70% figure, from the 2001 National census, is out of date. The 2011 national census gave a figure of just under 60%, and few of those were regular church attenders.

    Other recent surveys give results of up to 50% 'no religion'.

    In all cases, Northern Ireland is considerably more religious than the rest of the UK.


    Clearly Christianity is declining fast, and will probably be down to about 35% by the next census in 2021, and a lot of those will from immigrant (or of immigrant origins if born in UK) communities, such as those from Eastern & Southern Europe.

    Other religions, such as Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, etc., tend to remain within their own communities.

    Bearing in mind how all these 'minorities' and the people of Northern Ireland skew the totals, it can be assumed that a majority of actual ethnic English people (i.e. with all/mostly English ancestors say 100 years ago). are atheist/agnostic or if they call themselves 'Christian' are no more than nominally so, don't go to church apart from Christenings, weddings, funerals & maybe Christmas, and probably don't actually believe big chunks of Christian dogma.

    I don't think a majority of British celebs are Christian - celebs follow pretty much the same demographic as the general population. As far as current popular comedians are concerned, I can only think of one Christian, Frank Skinner, most of the rest being atheist, including David Mitchell and Stephen Fry.

    Edit to add a few more British celebrity atheists: Jane Asher, Jim Broadbent, Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson, Billy Connolly, Alan Davies, Russell T Davies, Christopher Eccleston, Ricky Gervais, Richard E Grant, Eddie Izzard, Keira Knightley, Hugh Laurie, Robert Llewellyn, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Helen Mirren, Warren Mitchell, Simon Pegg, Griff Rhys Jones, Terry Wogan.

    [Edit to add: Some of these people are indeed quite old, and whether you've heard of them or not, they are all very well known indeed in the UK.]

    And in the UK Parliament, bearing in mind that in the US an open atheist probably wouldn't be elected to anything, :

    Prime Minister & leader of Conservative Party David Cameron is agnostic (He said, "My faith comes and goes.")

    Deputy Prime Minister & leader of LibDem Party Nick Clegg is an atheist.

    Leader of the main opposition Labour Party Ed Miliband is an atheist (of Jewish heritage).

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    Its 59% after the last census in 2011 (a 12% drop), with 25% having no religion.

    Many people in the UK put their religion down on the Census forms as "Christian" or "Church of England" because that is what they were born into, they don't ever go to Church and they only sort of believe in God or are agnostic. So the majority of those "Christians" are non-religious.

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    I live in England and most people here are Christian, we just don't really talk about it much.

    An atheist is more likely to shout about their beliefs and make a big deal of it, an average English person who is religious would not really talk about it unless something bad happens, its just how we are.

    If Christianity is ever overtaken it will be by Islam not atheism

    There are around 60 million british people, id imagine you know around a dozen or so?

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    First of all people stick to their own group of friends and family and they mutually influence each other so most people feel that most people agree with their views because most people they come into contact with do and they are surprised when the statistics show different.

    I can't take your percentages seriously because:

    a) there is no source listed.

    b) there is no information about the way the survey was conducted, how many people were polled (sample size), distribution and deviation. If you know anything at all about statistics you will steer well clear of anyone who just gives averages alone or totals alone or ratios alone. Such data is so misleading it caused the comedian Steve Write to observe "96.8% of all statistics are made up on the spot".

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    It's due to people putting they are religious on the Census when in actual fact they are doing so out of tradition.

    I used to say I was "Catholic" because that was the religion I was raised in until I actually thought about it, if only more people would think also.

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    The British grow up as christians, with prayers at events and a church or two in every village. Religion is there but nobody gets excited about it the way americans do.

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    I know that in America, the majority of self-proffessed Christians (in census) call themselves that because they celebrate Christmas with a tree, gifts, and a fancy dinner. They also like carols. that doesn't believe that they believe anything about the story

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    I love UK people, that country makes some fine @ss women.

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    English are more intelligent!

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