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How to fix full-screen game lag in Windows 8.1?


I just "upgraded" to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8; I was in the middle of playing a Skyrim game game when I was prompted to get the free upgrade. Anyway, my computer was running Skyrim with ultra graphics and some heavy mods with no lag issues at all, loading screens were one or two "tips" maximum. I tried loading Skyrim after the update, and when it's full-screen it runs HELLISHLY now.

Instead of one or two tips during loading screens, while in full-screen mode it now will cycle through about 20 of them. Then, when the game finally loads it's really choppy, about 8 fps. Totally unplayable. When I tried to alt+tab out of the game I could, but when I tried to go back to the game screen it wouldn't let me, I just got a "windowed" version of the game with the screen entirely black. I used to get this also, except if I selected the screen/game again, it would open properly. Now it won't go back to the game at all, and the screen will also not close if I try and alt+tab out of it, it's stuck over my other windows.

I tried loading Skyrim in a windowed mode, and it ran with the speed it used to, no issues whatsoever. The problem seems to be with full-screen applications, though I have not tried loading any others.

This is incredibly annoying, all I wanted to do was raid a dungeon and kill a dragon before bed but the windows 8.1 download took about an hour and a half on its own and now the game won't run so I can't enjoy it at all.

Does anyone know what's up with this/how to fix it?



Yes, my drivers are up-to-date.

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    Have you tried upgrading your graphics drivers from the manufacturer of your card ?

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