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How to maximize a small business?

My friend has a small business that he started called Project Kids Give. Essentially, you buy a teddy bear for $20, and he sends one to a child that cannot necessarily get one on their own.

Right now, he's looking to expand his business to a larger group of people, outside of the community.

What should he do to reach out to a larger crowd?

FYI-- social media including a website, Facebook page, Twitter, & Instagram are all covered.

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    I'm going to offer up some advice free of charge because I Googled you and love your website and what you do. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and I hope that I can be of service.

    Keep on keeping on with the site and your social media.

    I'm going to say that your target demographic is parents (and grandparents). Here's what I would do:

    Target your local schools, preschools, MOMS Clubs, libraries, parks and any social circles/clubs that the local grandmothers frequent (cooking, knitting, reading, etc).

    Once you have that covered, keep expanding your reach to neighboring counties and communities until you've conquered the world. :)

    Create a media kit / press packet. For the places that are outside a reasonable driving distance, this is most important. Give them a personal call and say "Hey, I'm this awesome person from Project Kids Give. Here's what we do. By the way, could you provide your mailing or email address so I can send you a little more information?" Then link it over to them so they can look it over. Ask the clubs (like MOMS Clubs) if they'll send it to all of their members.

    Visit online forums for parents, especially ones for the 3-8 year old age range. Chat it up with them. Provide genuinely helpful information with a link to your site as a reference to who you are.

    Look into advertising online via websites that are targeted for parents: anything from parenting magazines to toy stores. Those ads can garner widespread exposure.

    Contact local, state and national news/media sources: newspapers, radio, tv. Get your press releases and your elevator pitch ready. Show them that you're a newsworthy story, that you are a cause worth talking about.

    If I can be of any further assistance in helping you with your marketing or technical endeavors, please feel free to contact me. Good luck!

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    You need to look into something called a press release. Basically all it is a short story about the business. Start up info, your cause, etc. Send those to local news papers and blogs that have to do with nonprofit work (doesn't matter if its a for-profit or not they love these types of stories). Now something very import you need to know about this! Newspapers and bloggers are lazy!!!! You need to basically give them the whole story on a silver platter ready to go.

    Something else that might help you. Since your friend is new I doubt he/she has a lot of Facebook fans or twitter followers. Go to a site called It cost five dollars to do so many things. For about 5 to 15 dollars you can get your friends tweets sent to a lot of people. but don't use it to get Facebook fans because they will just leave spam.

    Hope it works out and if it does I want a bear :)

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