Freddy Krueger in my dreams?

So lately I have been dreaming of Freddy a lot. Now it's like every night.

First off, I had a dream a couple months ago where Freddy and all the horror characters (Michael Myers, Pinhead, Jason) were sitting at a table and Freddy was talking about getting married and he said he was going to propose to someone soon before everyone looked at me and he grinned. Then I woke up like wtf?

Now I have a boyfriend in real life and the last couple days have been hell for dreaming. Freddy has been chasing me nonstop and he seemed really angry (Maybe envious?). He keeps appearing in my dreams. First he was trying to kill everyone who came near me in my dreams. He also tries to grab me and on occasions his anger will fade when he's near me.

The first dream I had that kickstarted this never ending monologue of Freddy Krueger was when I was in a house and he was trying to kill everyone who was near me before I tried getting away from him. He got really mad at me and proclaimed "You can run! But you can't escape me!!!" he laughed before following me.

The last dream I had was where he was chasing me and I woke up. Everything felt so real. I got out of bed and told my Mom about the dream and next thing Freddy is leaning in the doorway and grinning as I told my Mom about the dream. For a moment I couldn't believe my eyes! That Freddy was actually real! And then I woke up again. This time I wasn't dreaming anymore.

Also, in real life I have been experiencing some strange things. Like I'll tell my mom about Freddy and a truck will pull up that says "Kroger" or even when I turn on the radio I swear I hear "Krueger" and so did my Dad (This has happened like 5 times). Or when I mention something about Nightmare on elm street someone will walk by me wearing red and green. Even one time my stepdad got mail from a person named "Terry Krueger" the morning I had my dream.

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    6 years ago
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    Your dream indicates your continuous urge to move forward or grow further, as you are an extremely hardworking person with your own individuality and you have a great sense of achieving more and more is a part of your personality.

    Source(s): A Spiritual FRIEND & Life's Guide
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