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How to become a rapper in America as a foreigner?

Hello Every1.

So basically i got a question. I'm russian,but im planning on moving to Canada after my school graduation. I got inspired by a lot of old school rappers,and i completely hate the style there is today ( i got money,bitches,cars,hoes e.t.c) And i got no money ( not as much as i could brag),no bitches,cars or hoes,which makes it a bit harder to rap,because i obviously wouldn't rap about chemistry if i dont know **** about chemistry.

So lets get to the question : How could i promote myself in some way and become a successful rapper out there in america,if english is not my mother language. I mean,i know it really well and have been learning it for like 7 years,so rhyming and finding the words needed is not a problem. The question is whether i should promote myself in network,start making some crappy songs at first,or it'd be better if i waited until i actually move to a place,where people could check my songs and actually rate them. Gimme some advice please,maybe your opinion. And no hate,please,even a Chinese homeless dude can become the most successful rapper out there,i assume. Thanks.

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    I would try and get into social networking. I've personally achieved 2k+ plays in less than a day on SoundCloud! Make the music you want to make. If you wanna rap about money... Rap about money. If you want to rap about love? Rap about love. All you need to get your music out there, is the internet.

    Love, @ThatMusicTalk

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