nintendo stock decently important?

in the nasdaq there are two companies under the name nintendo there main difference is price and ones initials is NTDOY and the other is NTDOF.

1.What is the difference between these two is it simply they are to entirely different companies or are they the same company just different branches?

2.If you could would you please explain to me their differences?

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  • John
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    6 years ago
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    NTDOY is some pink sheet offering of the stock that trades in Japan in the US. It is illiquid and not the way to trade Nintendo. NTDOY is a sponsored ADR in which Deutche Bank and JPM and others have bought Nintendo in Kyoto and hold them in trust in the US. You buy these shares and you have the beneficial interest in the trust which owns these shares.

    If you want to invest in Nintendo (kid stuff in my view), buy them in Kyoto or buy the ADR.

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