Is Jesus God? Please help?

Ok so I am catholic but I haven't been to church in a long time. And I know that's a basic thing to know if Jesus is God but I forgot. This boy who he said is also catholic says Jesus is not God. I told he they are the same people. Because I was almost certain that's what I was taught. Thanks.

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    EZEKIEL.1 and REVELATION.4 described the HOLY GOD on His heavenly and glorious throne.

    All humans hv inherited Adam's original sin and are born with an innate evil/sinful nature = unholy and unclean. Hence, Jesus Christ considered all humans as sons of the devil(=JOHN.8:44) who are forever devising evil deeds/sins in their hearts and minds(=MARK.7:21).

    .......All humans are bound for hell when they die, unless they are willing to pluck out their eyes and chop off their limbs, bless their enemies, turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, etc.(MATTHEW.5:27-30)

    .......It is as if all humans hv been spiritually infected by Satan, from birth. This is similar to humans, physically, falling sick from a viral or bacterial infection in their flesh/bodies.

    Evil/sinful hearts --> random evil thoughts --> evil-deeds/sins.

    Hence, EXODUS.33:20 stated that evil-hearted and unholy humans on earth could not go to heaven and see the Holy God and He could not come to humans. They would be incinerated b4 they could reach heaven or God.

    .......This is similar to mortal humans on earth not being able to come near the sun in outer space. Humans on earth can even die of heat stroke if they stay under the hot summer sun for too long.

    Hence, God-in-heaven had to devise another way to come to His chosen people on earth.

    JOHN.1:1 & 14 and 1TIM.3:16 stated that the person of Jesus Christ was God manifested in human-form/flesh = God-in-the-flesh. This was one of the 2 ways by which God-in-heaven chose to come near "dirty" or unholy humans on earth.

    .......The other way was when God-in-heaven transfigured Himself into an invisible spirit-form as the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of God. As the invisible Spirit, God-in-heaven spoke to faithful Abraham, Moses, Paul, etc(=MATT.17:2).

    In these ways, God the Father in heaven taught His people how to live on earth(=keep His laws/Word and avoid doing evil - DEUT.28) and how to go to heaven to be with Him when they leave this corrupted earth(=thru Jesus the Christ/Messiah/Savior).

    The Holy Trinity means God the Father in heaven = God the Son and/or God the Spirit on earth. "They" can be compared to the Sun in outer space = sun-light and/or sun-heat/warmth on earth.

    .......God is One, just like the Sun is one.

    All fallen humans on earth are born sinful/evil within. They hv to come to Jesus Christ(as their Savior Lord and their God - JOHN.20:28) b4 they could be born-again of water and the Spirit(JOHN.3:5), die, be resurrected(1COR.15:42) or raptured(2THESS.4:16) into new non-evil/sinless bodies, live with Jesus for 1,000 years on a new earth and finally be with God the Father(=transfigured JC) in heaven.(1COR.15:24)

    JOHN.14:1-6 says that spiritually-defective and earthy humans hv to go thru Jesus(a physical manifestation of God), in order to be reconciled with God in heaven. The atoning Blood of Jesus brings about this reconciliation.(LEV.17:11, ROM.5:12)

    JOHN.14:15-21 says that Jesus, thru the Spirit(a Spirit'ual manifestation of God), is NOW together with and in His people, Spirit'ually(or invisibly), since the day of His ascension back to heaven(=about 33AD).

    .......In general, this occurs when His people abide in His Word(or God's Word) - JOHN.6:63 & JOHN.15:1-7. The days of God speaking directly to His people are long gone.

    HEB.4:12 says that the Word of God is living and powerful...., ie Jesus and/or the Spirit are living and powerful. That is why HEB.13:8 says that JC is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    .......2COR.3:15-19 says that Jesus=the Spirit and people need their spiritual eyes opened b4 they could "see" Jesus and understand His Word or the Bible.

    .......JOHN.6:63 says that the Word=the Spirit. MATT.4:4 says that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

    .......EPH.6:17 says that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God, with which believers can overcome the evil whisperings of Satan.

    There is no need for people to personally see or hear God(as the Son or the Spirit) in order to be saved from hell.(JOHN.20:29, LUKE.16:29-31, 2TIM.3:16-17)

    Jesus is God-in-the-flesh and some people will be meeting Him again when He returns to earth. JC will exact terrible judgment upon the unbelievers. Bear in mind that the Father-in-heaven will be speaking thru Jesus(JOHN.14:8-9).

    .......Eventually, in a blink of an eye, Jesus will be transfigured back to God, sitting on His throne in heaven and believers will be witnesses. Believers will replace the positions held by Satan and his demons or fallen angels.


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    1.) Yes, Jesus is God.

    2.) It is entirely possible that your friend says "God" when he actually means,

    "God The Father", which is how many people speak about God.

    My point is that your friend might simply have been using language a little less well than he should be using it. I mean that he might have meant that "Jesus is not God the Father, but that Jesus is God in the person of the Son".

    Maybe your friend already knows Jesus is God,

    but just doesn't know how to make that clear in simple words that are NOT confusing

    Catholics, like other Christians , such as Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, and almost all other people who claim to be Christians,

    believe God is The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

    In my opinion, anyone who denies this should be honest and NOT claim to be Christian.

    If this is not clear, please ask us to explain better.


    I think you should leave this open for at least another whole day.

    Some questions are very important, and should stay posted for a few days.

    That's what kind of question YOU asked - a big important question.

    You might get several other helpful answers if you leave this another day or two.

    It can be very hard to talk clearly about God.

    He is infinite, but we are limited.

    When we try hard to understand God,

    we typically find it hard to put all our thoughts into words.

    That does NOT ALWAYS mean we are mistaken.

    It can just mean we are having a hard time saying exactly what we mean.

    That's normal when we simple humans try to talk about God.

    I am Catholic.

    Peace be with you.

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    Yes, Jesus is both man and God. When we say Jesus is God what we mean by that is that he is a divine Person. What is meant by that? Jesus is the eternal logos or the Word who is the eternally begotten Son of the Father.

    When we say Jesus is man we mean he is the Incarnated Son of God. The Word who became flesh. He who knew no sin became one of us in all things except sin, so we might become like him.

    So the eternal Word took on a human nature. Jesus has both a divine nature and a human nature. Yet he is one divine Person. He was one divine Person before he took on a human nature and thus still one divine Person after.

    Read John 1

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    In the Bible, Jesus is never presented as being the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus distinguishes himself from "the only true God [Mighty One - the source of all might -- 1 Corinthians 8:6]" in John 17:3. This harmonizes with the scriptures that show that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who spoke through His prophet Moses, and who raised Jesus up as the prophet like Moses. (Exodus 3:14,15; Deuteronomy 18:15-20; Isaiah 61:1; Acts 3:13-26; Hebrews 1:1,2)

    However, Jesus is presented as being "god" in the sense that he was a mighty being before he became flesh (John 1:1) and in that he is now a mighty his God raised him from the dead. -- Hebrews 1:8.

    This may sound confusing until one understands the Hebraic usage of the words for "God".

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    The only ones that don't recognize the Divnity of Jesus as God are the Non-Trinitarians which because they profess to a different faith are not Christian denominations eveny though they claim they are Christians.

    Christians don't doubt the Divinity of Jesus as God.

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    Yes - this is one of the basic doctrines of Christianity.

    It is rejected by the Muslims, who see Jesus as the promised Messiah, but, not God. There are some who consider themselves Christian, e.g., the JW's, who also do not accept this idea. But, Catholics are very firm in this.

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    I'll let you weight the evidence for yourself. In the New Testament Jesus Christ is referred to as God's Son 68 times. Never is he called "God the Son."

    The Scriptures makes a clear distinction between Jesus Christ who was a man and God who is Spirit ( Mark 12 12:32.) God cannot be tempted, yet Jesus Christ was in all points tempted (James 1:13, Luke 4:1, 2, 13 & Hebrews 4:15.) Jesus Christ had limitations to his knowledge compared to God who is omniscient(Mark 13:32 & Hebrews 5:8.) God cannot be born; but His Son, our lord and savior Jesus Christ, was concieved in Mary by God's creation (Luke 1:35.) Luke 8:17 and 18 points out that Jesus Christ and God are clearly two, not one. Finally Deuteronomy 6:4 tell us that God is one. Always remmember that similarities are not identities. Two different people may be similar in many ways, but does it make them one and the same?

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    Jesus is God.

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    Jesus is the Son of God. John 14:6" I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father(which is God) except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father(God) as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him."

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    Who did Jesus say he was? At John 10:36, he said: "I am the Son of God." John added: "Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God." (1 John 5:5)

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    Jesus (pbuh) was the prominent messenger of Allah, in book of acts ch 2 v 22-oh people of Israel listen to this a man approved of God amongst u by wonders miracles and gospel of john ch 10 v 29-my father is greater than I.therefore Jesus (pbuh) propogated oneness of Allah, Allah is one he only deserved to b worshipped.

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