fantasy basketball help?

Hi, im in a 10 team h2h with 12 cat(fgm,ftm,3pm,fg%,ft%,3p%,points,reb,assi,blocks,st,t.o.) I decided to just punt assist after the rubio does my team look?suggestions?

Anthony Davis

Carmelo Anthony

DeMarcus Cousins

Ricky Rubio

Brook Lopez

Monta Ellis

Greg Monroe

Chandler Parsons

OJ Mayo

Marcin Gortat

Eric Gordon

Marcus Thornton

Moe Harkless

Amare Stoudemire


i mean the 12 cat are fgm,ftm,3pm,fg%,ft%,3p%,points,assist,steals,rebounds,blocks,t.o

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  • 6 years ago
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    i never try to make any drops or trades until the first week of actually games cause you could either lose a really good player or a really bad player. it is a risk. i like to play it safe so i would just stay put until the first week is over so u can determine how a player is going to play.

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